The Impact of Academia

So, as of Monday this week, I have completed 2 out of 4 – that’s exactly 50% folks – of the assignments for the PGCE I am sitting this year as part of my CPD. Although it has been hard graft – studying at the same time as working as a teacher is waaaaaaay different from studying at the same time as working in a shop or behind a bar! – I think on the whole it has been a worthwhile and beneficial experience. It has allowed me to take a bit of a step back from the coalface to analyze and reflect on what I am doing, which has turned out to be a pretty satisfying experience.

Another experience, which turned out to be equally enlightening, was when I took part in a final year student’s research project. Whilst it was interesting on many levels to be a participant in someone else’s research, the real surprise came at the end of it all, when I was lucky enough to read the final draft of the dissertation (which was, I must say, remarkably good!). I was interviewed as part of the project, as were a number of my colleagues, and I was surprised to read a fair amount of what I had said in the dissertation. I was even more pleasantly surprised by how open, honest and positive what I had to say was. Sometimes in the midst of the daily maelstrom that is education we forget exactly why we do what we do. It’s nice to be reminded from time to time. J.X. – thank you!

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