Roll up, roll up – get yer top quality CPD here……..

As the explosion of activity on this blog recently shows quite clearly, I have been taking part in an online CPD course being run by Dyslexia Action and the RNIB. It is called Inclusive Technologies for Reading, and has been designed for teachers, parents,  support staff or pretty much anyone supporting people who have difficulties accessing text due to a print impairment. They say that it is also suitable for ICT professionals who have not had specific training in inclusive technologies.

The course is being developed for commercial purposes, so this pilot programme is a good way to get some quality training done for free. Already, I have been impressed with the delivery of the course, and the focus on free and inexpensive technologies that can really make a difference. The course was developed and is being run by Load2Learn – an online resource for downloadable curriculum materials in accessible formats- which has already been affectionately dubbed OverLoad2Learn!

But why am I telling you this now? Well, it turns out that if you are interested in taking part, it’s not to late to register. You can join until the 21st November (that’s next week!) if you are interested. Could be an ideal opportunity for established teachers looking to develop their skills, student teachers looking to widen their learning or probationary teachers looking for something a bit different for their CPD portfolio.

If you are interested, click here to register. Maybe see you online sometime!

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