TeachMeet research – part 2

The logo for TeachMeet Student Edition Glasgow 2010
The logo for one of the latest incarnations of TeachMeet: TeachMeet Student Edition Glasgow 2010

As you will know from my previous blog post or from following the #tmtwt responses on Twitter I have been doing a bit of research into TeachMeet, the model of CPD where teachers learn from other teachers. To begin, this involved having a trawl round the internet looking at the history of TeachMeet which proved fascinating (I even found it has its own Wikipedia page!).

One thing that became clear as I was looking at the history was the pivotal role played in the development of TeachMeet by Ewan McIntosh. In a moment of gallus bravado on Twitter, I asked Ewan if he would be willing to have a bit of a chat about TeachMeet, and to my delight he agreed. I tried to come up with a way to record the call, for notetaking purposes and perhaps to put online somewhere, but as anyone who knows me will testify, my tech skills are not the best. However, by enlisting David Noble‘s help we managed to come up with a solution using iPadio to record the audio from the telephone call. Despite me being in Glasgow, David being in Fife and Ewan being in London (plus the additional complication of Ewan being on a train rushing to Luton airport to catch a flight!) David managed to record the interview and save the audio in a way that meant Ewan’s contribution was audible. The interview is up on the EDUTalk website here, and Ewan’s contributions are easy to hear, even above the trains and planes. My questions are a bit quieter however, and while they are somewhat less important than hearing Ewan’s contribution, I thought I would list them here and they could be read whilst listening to the interview by anyone who wished to:

  1. Where did the germ of the idea that grew into TeachMeet come from?
  2. At the start, how much of the organisation were you doing yourself and how much was crowdsourced?
  3. When it became clear you were going to be moving away from TeachMeet, at least for a while, was there a worry there that it might disappear, or did you feel it had become sustainable?
  4. TeachMeet has continued to grow and evolve – there’s been LeadMeet, GregMeet, small local ones, big national ones, international ones, subject based, changing rules and even BeerMeet – how do you feel about the current evolutions of the TeachMeet model?
  5. What do you think made TeachMeet so successful, and when did you realise that you’d managed to come up with something really quite special?
  6. Are there any other challenges that TeachMeet faces now?
  7. You have spoken briefly before about DreamMeet, how would you see that happening?
  8. Where is the missing 8th edition of TeachMeet?

Ewan was inspiring to listen to, and addressed many of the TeachMeet questions that have been getting talked about recently here and elsewhere (for instance, on John Connell’s blog here and here, during TreeMeet and by those organising TeachMeet Falkirk and TeachMeet Northwest) including the two big issues of the echo-chamber effect and the tech-focus question. No spoilers on here though, you’ll need to listen to the interview on EDUTalk to find out what he had to say.

Once again, I need to say a big thanks to Ewan for taking time out of a busy and less than tranquil day to talk to me, as well as thanking David for his audio-techno wizardry in getting the whole thing sorted out.


  1. The 7th edition was in Redbridge, NE London, the second time it left Scotland:

    The 8th was then in Moose Jaw, Canada, in the summer of 2008, August 29th (there was no summer one in Scotland that year). There’s one photo only of the event, I think, as I was too busy compering:

    That meant that the 9th TeachMeet was at SLF08 in Glasgow. Since I knew I was doing one in Canada beforehand, I had to made sure that we called the SLF08 one TeachMeet 9th edition, even though I didn’t make such a big deal of the nascent Canadian version.

  2. Thanks for clearing that up Ewan, like I told you on the phone it had been driving me up the wall a bit!!! With that information I have found a few other links to the event and added them to my tmhistory tag on delicious.

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