Have a Glow @ IMS – The Staff Feed Back….
February 22nd, 2010 by H-Blog

Got to look over the evaluation forms from the Glow training I delivered recently and it made pretty good reading. Here’s a Wordle of the key terms lifted from the staff forms.

A Wordle of the Glow session feedback

Everyone seemed very positive in their feedback, both in the forms and in the surveys that were part of the group itself. As I had said at the time,  I felt having a chance to have time set aside to explore/play with Glow was as important as anything we were going to ask the staff to actually do, and they seemed to appreciate this as well. Reading the comments, it seemed that everyone enjoyed the interactivity and guidance of the ‘challenge’ approach and welcomed the chance to work with colleagues on them.

Overall, although I have come up with a few changes to the group that I would make myself, you have to be pretty happy with that kind of feedback. Let’s hope we see the use of Glow increases as a result of the training!

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